Vehicle Lighting Upgrades For Everyone

I got into my wife’s 2010 Honda civic last night and as I began driving I found myself looking down at the light switch multiple times to check if the headlights were actually on.  I asked her if it was always so dim when she would drive at night and she told me she just got used to it.  I don’t know about you but I can’t get used to hardly seeing where I am going.

Luckily there is a convenient and affordable upgrade for all vehicle headlights.  The standard for many, many years has been 35 or 55 watt halogen bulbs which create a low, sometimes yellowish illumination that often only projects short distances in front of the vehicle.  Of course this is a much better option than the candles and lanterns of old.  As with all technology, time brings better options(except VHS, sorry Betamax).  20 some years ago, High Intensity Discharge light systems were introduced to the public as an option of high-end vehicles.  Not long after, aftermarket companies were producing upgrade replacement systems for the everyday vehicle.  These systems include a ballast, connecting wires and a specialized bulb that when installed offer a brighter light that can project in front and to the side many times over the limits of halogen bulbs.  They consume less power burn brighter and last longer resulting in a no brainer decision when searching for light replacements.  Keep in mind that there are different kelvin ratings for HID bulbs that change the color appearance of the light.  It is important to know the laws regarding the use of different lights and color when installing replacement lighting systems.

What’s that you say?  The next step in technology?  Well you’re right to think that new and better solutions continue to become available.  We now have the next generation with Light Emitting Diode systems.  Like the HID systems, LED systems provide a bright light for more than adequate vision on the darkest of evenings.  The LED systems consume even less power than the HID system and also have a longer life expectancy.  While HID systems can vary in color appearance, LED systems always burn a bright white.  Another factor to consider is the type of headlight housing your vehicle is equipped with.  When replacing your bulbs in a traditional reflective housing system, both options provide excellent illumination.  However when your vehicle is equipped with a projector style housing, LED systems can sometimes seem to provide less visibility than HID systems depending on weather conditions.  Both systems far out way the old halogen bulb systems.

In comparison, halogen bulbs run an average of 500 to 1000 hours.  HID systems  run an average of 2000 hours and consume less power than a halogen system.  LED systems run an average of 30,000 hours and consume less power than an HID system.  These are average numbers so remember that any system can burn longer or shorter depending on manufacturers quality, installation and/or vehicles electrical system functionality.  As with all electronic systems, your system will operate as good as its weakest component.  Be sure to buy a quality lighting system to avoid premature failure from sub par quality makes.

Our brand of choice for all of our lighting systems is Performance Bodega because of their time-tested quality and performance.  You won’t find them online because they are serious about quality control and provide industry leading quality backed by an industry leading warranty.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest in automotive lighting solutions.

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