Vehicle Security

Vehicle theft is a growing concern and has been for quite some time. The truth of the matter is that if someone wants it bad enough, they’re going to get it. That in no way means you should just sit and wait for the inevitable. Most thefts are a crime of convenience and that means that taking a simple step deter theft could make all the difference.

Adding an alarm to your vehicle is a great way to deter vehicle theft. Aftermarket alarms, just like factory alarms render the vehicle inoperable once the alarm is triggered. The major difference is what triggers the alarm.


Most factory alarms are triggered by opening the door. This is great if the door is opened but not if a window is broken out. There are a few factory alarm systems that have tilt sensors in the case of a vehicle being raised onto a truck or tow dolly. Most all factory alarms come with a flashing led located either on the dash or the door panel to warn other that there is an alarm installed on the vehicle.


Aftermarket alarm systems provide the same deterrents as factory alarms but with added protection and features that can be customised to the owners needs and wants. The triggers for all aftermarket alarms include the door opening trigger like factory alarms. They also include the flashing led as a first deterrent.

The added features that aftermarket alarms possess include a shock sensor for impacts and trunk/hood sensors for added security.


Customisable features for aftermarket alarms can include the following:

  • Glass break sensor – sounds if a window is broken.
  • Proximity sensor – programmable to warn away or sound if someone gets within a specified distance of the vehicle.
  • Voice alerts – recordable voice warnings to add to the siren.
  • 2 way warning – a keychain remote that alerts the owner when the vehicle is tampered with inside of the transmitter range.
  • Smart Start by DEI – uses your compatible smart phone to control the aftermarket alarm as well as a remote start if you so choose.

The cost of alarms can vary a great deal. A basic alarm can be found in some stores as cheap as $50 without installation. The average basic alarm with installation averages between $100 to $200 at most installation shops. It goes without saying that adding features and options will add costs.

If you have more questions or need direction, your local shop can answer everything in person. Feel free to leave a message here as well for more detailed answers to your specific needs.

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